Why pattern is so important!

Why pattern is so important!

Have you ever walked into a room that was so well designed and you thought “How in the heck did the designer think to put all this random stuff together and make it look so damn good???” Well its not magic (sort of) but it is a combination of pattern used correctly with scale and layering.

I get this question a lot from clients: “If I have too much pattern in a space, isn’t it going to look too busy and feel like there is too much going on?” and the answer is Hell No!! 😉 The truth is that a well curated space with a variety of pattern done in the right scale is the most beautiful and layered way to design a room. I often use the reference of a high end hotel. As a designer, I can’t help myself when I walk around a hotel or high end restaurant and I start touching all the walls and finishes. I’m sure people see me and think I am totally nuts. Those are some of the best places to see the way mixing pattern can make a place look amazing and so unique.  I like to bring up the fact that luxury hotels could have 20-30 different finishes and materials in a space, and then clients  realize that YES! in fact there are a bunch of finishes and patterns in those spaces. So when its done right it makes for amazing design. In my opinion its safe and easy to play it simple, but just like nature, there is pattern in everything. So please embrace the idea and when in doubt don’t shy away from using pattern.

Photo by Erika Bierman for ASD Interiors


Every year has its own interior design trends, and 2016 is shaping up to be no exception.  Below are our top 3 picks to inspire you as we head into Spring!


Gold and silver can be friends in our book.  Platinum, gold, copper, steel, rose gold, brushed bronze – as long as they’ve got metallic sheen, they can work together.  Dip your toe in with mixing frame colors on a gallery wall.  Or separate through height, cluster silver items in one area and gold in another.  Or go for the big bling:  in an already dramatic room – bold items just add more to the mix.

mixed media



mix 2



Bringing nature closer to your home is beautiful, calming, and healthy, too.  Projects for this year are filled with natural elements like cork, wood, stone, and raw concrete.  Plants are everywhere, from small table-gardens, to living walls, to groupings of small pots on a side table.  And don’t worry – if you have less than a green thumb faux greenery has come a long way. Also, think about the relaxed use of outdoor furniture indoors – like rattan – or indoor furniture outdoors.


Source:  http://www.ikeadecoration.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/d98c8__Green-Wall-in-Living-Room-800×520.jpg


outside 2

Source:  http://www.houzz.com/photos/query/rattan-chair/nqrweh


Indigo shades such as cobalt, navy and royal blue are the hues to use for the upcoming year.  These colors are versatile and can be used in most areas:  living, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, and outdoors.  Consider a new coat of navy to bring drama to your living room.  But you don’t need to go all out, adding a pop of blue as an accent piece is a great way to stay current without a major commitment.  Or you can be brave and paint walls, crown, and base board all the same hue for a monochromatic, high impact look.

blue 1

Source:  http://curioelectro.com/interior-design-as-web-design-inspiration

blue 2

Source: http://www.houzz.com/photos/5941065/Harding-Family-Home-eclectic-home-office-other-metro



Fashion and furniture go hand in hand through cycles, through seasons, through explorations.  They carry similar patterns and colors and move together through the motion of new design discovery in unison.  If you look closely at both worlds (fashion and furniture) you can see that they are both sculptures, both art, both work closely with the human body.  Below are some sculptural examples, scroll down and mesmerize yourself with this beauty.

f9c4f12688657963f21862545897b9b3  VONDOM-Vertex-Chair-by-Karim-Rashid-2  

Finding both of these amazing works of art on PINTEREST, notice how great artists think a like and develop similar shapes and colors for both fashion and furniture.

valeska-jasso-collado-collection-1   IMG_3758

Another example of sculptural art in both innovative industries.  The beautiful use of color and shape to create these pieces that develop strong visual interest.  These images again are from the powerful source of PINTEREST.

Outside of the sculptural side of these industries there is also an everyday side that focuses mostly on pattern and fabric. Anthropologie, Dot and Bo for furniture have similar color schemes and pattern as Diane Von Furstenberg, a great artist that uses color and pattern to express herself.  Lets take a look to see how they follow similar identities.

34182402_040_b   Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 1.40.03 PM

These works of art are both from Anthropologie, following similar color and patterns and are expressing the season between winter and spring.  The bright reds shining from the beautiful cool blues.

4130204585427_009_b   Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 1.48.44 PM

Notice here, with Diane Von Furstenberg, her use of pattern and color contrast emanate through these unique and stunning chairs from Anthropolgie’s home selection.

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 3.39.52 PM   Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 3.29.39 PM

DVF vs Dot and Bo’s checkered chair and ottoman.  The look, the feel, the ideas are so similar.  They both carry the look of comfort as well, treating the body with similar respect.

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 3.42.11 PM   Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 1.41.58 PM

Pattern and color once again, this time between Diane and Anthropologie.  Notice how those qualities are not the only ones that shine through these beautiful designs, but the shape.  They both have square or rectangular characteristics for their body which work really well together.

Once again, fashion and furniture hold hands through seasonal change, along with pattern and color explorations.  A stunning thing to see multiple industries working together to create balance in the design world!



Yellow has many associations such as sunny days, sunflowers, spring time, happy faces, and so many more. We love color at ASD Interiors and Yellow is our focus today! As a color in a space, it can have positive effects as well.  This sunny hue is known for representing creativity, optimism, happiness, and enlightenment.

Below we will help inspire you how to use this cheery color in your own living room!

pinterest yellow 9

Source: Pinterest

Yellow creates warmth and can also brighten up a room.  Designing a living room with yellow hues can create an inviting and open space.  Because a living room is typically a place for gathering with company and friends, this inviting color will surely entice your guests.  It can also be paired with great accent colors.  One of our favorite color combinations is grey with yellow!

pinterest yellow 7     pinterest yellow    pinterest yellow 8

For more information on designing your yellow room, please contact us at info@asdinteriors.com

All images source: Pinterest

Long Hallways… Friend or Foe?

Long Hallways… Friend or Foe?

A long hallway can either be a reminder of a scary movie or walk on the runway- a.k.a disastrous or fabulous! Here are a few helpful tips to inspire and make you think twice about hallways!

  1. Define the space. Use a runner, artwork, benches and lighting to actually create a design in the hallway. Not only that, it will add color, texture and warmth. 
  2. Make a statement! The hallway doesn’t just have to be 2 white walls. Add dramatic lighting, pops of color with art or large printed wallpaper. This space can be used to tell any story you want.
  3. Create an optical illusion. If this hallway is your problem area, you can create an illusion to make it look a certain way with the sizes, colors and pieces you choose. For example, if your hallway needs to open up, add a mirror and lighting to illuminate the area . If your hallway is way too long without anything going on, add a console or small accent chairs to fill the empty space.

The designers of the hallway spaces above really thought outside of the box to create a one of kind look in something that is usually left so empty! Patterned runners, painted ceilings, over-sized artwork and mirrors- the sky is the limit when it comes to interior design! We pulled a few unique pieces from a few of our favorite stores that will really add a punch to a hallway design.

A.S.D. Interiors hallway design picks!
A.S.D. Interiors hallway design picks!
Product Review!! Shop Novica…

Product Review!! Shop Novica…

We recently came across this wonderful company called Novica, an online store that has tons of great finds, and thought we would share the great experience we had shopping them! Novica features authentic products created by artisans from around the world. They also work closely with National Geographic to find some of the most interesting products and have them readily available to the public! Anytime I find a gem like this I try to share it……Its Awesome!

Recently, we were working on a living room space that was a mix of bright colorful hues but we also had to incorporate their one of kind collections from their travels around the world.  We knew right away that Novica would have some great finds for our client to add to their existing collection.

The first thing that jumped out at me was this carved wood vase that had a contemporary edge to it- it would be perfect for this space we were designing! A piece like this is a great addition to a bookcase or mantel. We had to purchase this right on the spot! When it arrived it came in the most adorable packaging that looked like a present that a friend had sent over- a lot of attention to detail with a special note connected telling the story of the product. I was pleased to find this product looked even better in person and not only that had the smoothest touch!

photo 1333111

As you can see, this adds so much dimension and texture to the space!

Another item we ordered was an ethnic looking urn. This piece also came wrapped really well in adorable paper! We were also so pleased with the quality of this item. Hand crafted and painted- you could actually see the finger grooves from spinning this piece! It is interesting to look at the different paintings and know that they are all different and a not created by a machine! An urn like this is perfect for a bookshelf, console or mantel to add an unique twist to your decor.

photo 2 photo 4 photo 5

One of the best things about their products is that you won’t be able to find it at your local store- it gives you a feeling that you went traveling on exotic excursion and found this. We will definitely be checking back to see what else we can find for our clients! If you are interested to see what they have, check them out at www.novica.com. Happy shopping!