Commercial Design & Branding


Did you know that ASD Interiors specializes in commercial design? We have a vast portfolio ranging from office spaces to automobile service centers, like our Lexus project in Beverly Hills. What exactly does commercial design encompass? Generally this can be defined as any space that is intended for business operations which can include: bars, restaurants, offices, retail stores, salons, etc. Commercial design is so important for businesses because it helps define the brand and company. Below we’ll show you some of our own commercial projects, and some inspiriting projects we have our eyes on.


We absolutely loved collaborating with Good People to create a unique and fun office atmosphere using a medley of colors, art, and materials. We used these amazing animal sculptures that provided a contrast to this reclaimed wood feature wall. Just outside of the conference room is a mural created by a San Francisco based painter which tells the unique story of this company and how they started. We can’t forget about that stunning green conference room with breathtaking views of Downtown LA.

Below you’ll see another one of our favorite commercial designs, Studio K. This hair salon has such a clean, modern, chic design with a strong monochromatic color scheme mixed in with mid-century wood furniture for pops of color. This design really creates such a strong identity for the salon.


Unique features like these really creates an identity for the space. This becomes a part of a company’s brand, which is important for marketing and recognition. Consumers or clients start to identify certain colors, features, pieces of furniture, etc with a brand which can help drive business.





Glossier, a popular makeup company, opened up its first LA location in West Hollywood recently. This is a perfect example of how commercial design goes hand in hand with branding. The space oozes with “millennial pink” painted on the walls, a color strongly associated with the makeup company. The open floor plan and minimal furniture allows the customer to easily navigate through the space while focusing on the displayed products.



Intelligentsia in Silver Lake, is another great example of brand recognition via design. This infamous blue mosaic tile is easily recognizable when you pass by or even when your browsing social media. This design choice, complimented with white cabinets and shelving for products, is now synonymous with the coffee chain.

We love to design commercial spaces because of the different types of challenges and design opportunities it brings. Commercial spaces equals high traffic, which means the products we select have to be durable and commercial grade. This means we get to source unique materials and work with different types of vendors, which is always exciting. Designing for a commercial space also takes on a different kind of design process because we are designing for how consumers will be navigating through the space. There are also different zoning and building requirements that influence our design choices, such as making sure the space is ADA compliant or Health & Safety approved. All in all, we really enjoy designing these spaces and can’t wait to take on more commercial projects!

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